from awkward to glitzy: the master bath project


My house came with a huge master bath with natural light and original oak hardwood floors from 1943. It’s all because they did some major rearranging and adding of rooms in the 70’s (I think it used to be part of a bedroom). It’s so long and large that it felt empty, like you felt super naked and exposed coming out of the shower from all the space. It also came with a harvest gold tub/shower combo straight out of my mother’s newlywed decor dreams (she still has her avocado green Crock Pot!). When I first moved in I made plans in my head for how to get rid of that gold tub and put in a shower stall and the claw foot tub I’ve long pined for. But all that requires money and as any new homeowner knows, money is the least abundant commodity around. I’ve actually grown fond of the gold tub the longer I live here. It’s actually nice, simple tile work and it’s just so different from all the ecru fiberglass tubs I’ve spent my adult life in. I’ve also grown more fond because of the glam bathroom makeover. You can try and hide the more peculiar fixtures in your house, or embrace them and give them their time to shine.


These are the original pictures, from before the seller bought the house. Thankfully he did all the hard work, leaving behind only the tub/shower. Then it looked like this:


A $3 sample of Valspar’s Earthen Sienna went on the mirror frame and on the chandelier I bought years ago at a yard sale. There was a plain dome light before but this room needed so much more.


The colors came from this Target shower curtain that happened to actually match the tub. I painted the room Kingfisher by Behr. After a coat of tinted primer it only took two coats of paint.



The deep color made the room feel more cozy already but the accessories really glammed it up. The space needed to be filled so that the long size and shape of the room seemed purposeful- like it was meant to have the extra furniture or display art like a gallery. I already owned all the mirrors, art, tables, and hampers. I just moved them from other parts of the house. The mirror was actually my grandmother’s and I think the gold and elaborate shape of it bring that old Hollywood feel to the room. They just don’t sell new stuff that compares to it.




It’s not complete yet, nor should any project be. I’m adding sheer curtains to the window as soon as my dad can come hang them. I’m also going to strip, paint, and lacquer the little table by the tub into a nice light teal. But overall I’m much cozier in my bathroom. Like any woman needs any more reason to linger in the bathroom!

Special thanks to my mom for painting most of the room and to my dad for hanging the new light fixture.


bienvenidos a mi castillo

ImageQueridos amigos, I welcome you into my little home.  It’s my first home of my own and I’m so proud to introduce it to you, even though there’s still much nesting to be done.  I’ve always wanted an old house.  My house was built in 1943 in Durham, North Carolina.  Right in the middle of Word War II, the house was born while both of my grandfathers were serving in the military and both of my grandmothers were dealing with life as “war brides”.

My life is quite different from theirs, but I have a lot of their things in my house- the kitchen table, the radio cabinet, lamps, a picture of my grandfather in uniform, an old flour sifter.  I think my favorite things in the house were theirs at one point.  May their gracious hospitality, abundant spreads of Southern food, and well-seasoned humor grace the home they’ll never get to visit but constantly inhabit.